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Decentralized Carbon Finance

... powered by Web 3.0 technologies


DeFi based, peer-to-peer network, with markets facilitated via open protocols and decentralized applications (DApps).


All agreements enforced, transactions settled and records maintained immutably on the Blockchain by smart contracts.

Secure and Compliant

Institutional-grade with Zero Trust Cybersecurity and vetted services to ensure compliance with regulations.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Web 3.0 based Carbon Markets

Credits Portfolio

Thematic portfolios of tokenized carbon credits aggregated together and represented as distinct NFTs

Carbon Marketplace

Purchase and offset, trade, or channel investments into token-based thematic carbon credit portfolios.

On-chain Register

Authoritative list of time-stamped and immutable records for transparency and accountability in reporting.

Settlement Network

Blockchain-enabled for faster, lower-cost and a more transparent settlement and clearing mechanism.

Liquid Secondary Markets

Powered by automated market making and protocol-incentivized yield farming for liquidity providers.

Suatainability Treasury

Unlocking efficiencies in achieving group-wide / global corporate climate change goals.

Impact Ledger

Scaling Carbon Markets

Voluntary carbon offsets play a pivotal role in the broader landscape of climate change mitigation. They empower individuals and organizations to assume responsibility for their carbon emissions by investing in projects designed to either reduce or capture an equivalent amount of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. These projects encompass a diverse array of initiatives, including reforestation endeavours, renewable energy development, and methane capture programs. However, despite their potential, voluntary carbon offset programs face several obstacles in achieving widespread adoption.
Meanwhile, the revolutionary tenets of blockchain technology, which form the foundation of DeFi and Web3, hold the potential to address numerous prevailing market challenges. Impact Ledger harnesses this transparency and decentralization intrinsic to Web3, to offer a cohesive platform for carbon markets.

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Impact Ledger blends the eco-centric realm of carbon offsetting with the avant-garde world of DeFi and Web3 to offer a platform that democratizes climate action.
The platform fulfils three pivotal functions:
1. It aggregates tokens that represent carbon credits from diverse projects, packaging them into thematic portfolios represented as distinct NFTs.
These portfolios not only signify tangible action against climate change but also offer investors the opportunity to earn interest on carbon assets; thereby holding their ground as tradable assets in an ever-expanding eco-aware market.
2. It establishes a cohesive marketplace where users can purchase and offset, trade, or channel investments into these thematic carbon credit portfolios.
3. It provides a credible mechanism to monitor and authenticate offsets, ensuring transparency and accountability in reporting environmental impacts.
Leveraging zero trust security and incorporating vetted third-party AML services, Impact Ledger provides a secure and compliant avenue for institutions and individuals to participate in all-new decentralized carbon markets.

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Key Benefits:

Utilizing DeFi and Web3 is more than a mere technological upgrade. It represents a paradigm shift in democratizing climate action and scaling carbon finance.


Bundling for Simplicity


Open and Transparent


Advanced Automation


Enhanced Liquidity


Trust and Verification


Security and Compliance

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