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Decentralized Carbon Markets

... powered by Blockchain technology


Peer-to-peer network, with trades facilitated via open protocols and decentralized applications (DApps).


All agreements enforced, transactions settled and records maintained immutably on the Blockchain by smart contracts.

Secure and Compliant

Multi-sig wallets and Zero Trust Cybersecurity to enable enterprise-grade security and compliance.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) based Carbon Markets Infrastructure

Carbon Trading

Next-gen decentralized carbon emission trading and settlement powered by smart contracts.

Impact Funds

Invest in tokenized environmental projects around the world to counter climate changes.

Liquidity Pools

Empowering liquid carbon markets with protocol-incentivized yield farming for liquidity providers.

Credits Registry

An authoritative list of records, time-stamped and immutably stored on a distributed ledger.

Settlement Network

Enabling a faster, low-cost and more transparent settlement and clearing mechanism.

Corporate Treasury

Unlocking efficiencies in achieving organization-wide / corporate climate change goals.

About Impact Ledger

Next-gen Carbon Markets

Impact Ledger is a project to create next-generation decentralized financial infrastructure for carbon markets. Operating at the junction of Blockchain technology, Digital Assets and Socio-environmental Impact, the project aims to lower barriers of entry, enable the structuring of all-new innovative products and open up a plethora of opportunities to channel capital towards combating climate change. Today, there are already a number of working protocols that replicate existing financial services and report real-world data within the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) system. They enable anyone to trade a number of assets, earn yield on deposits, lend, borrow, deal in derivatives, and beyond - all in an open, interoperable, and transparent way. Impact Ledger aims to harnesses open protocols and decentralized applications (powered by smart contracts) to create a truly next-gen decentralized economic system for carbon trading.

As more companies and individuals are looking for tools to mitigate their impact on climate change, the idea of utilizing blockchain technology has been on the forefront of many conversations. Carbon credits are generated in one region, traded in another and potentially retired in an altogether different one. This makes it a great case to leverage a distributed ledger and bring together multiple geographically-dispersed stakeholders onto a unifying decentralized platform. Separately, under current markets, credits are bundled typically sold in bulk to larger corporations. This leads to barriers for smaller groups or individuals to purchase offsets and reduce their environmental impact. Blockchain technology can help lower many such barriers and fight climate change by improving improving carbon emission trading, enhancing finance flows and increasing transparency of reported greenhouse gases emission reductions.

Blockchains work as a ditributed electronic ledger that can store transactions of currency or other valued material. These transactions and data are stored without a centralized organization such as a bank or government. This allows users to make transactions without the need of a third party or “middle man”, also known as peer-to-peer trading. All of this is managed using open protocols and decentralized applications (powered by programmable smart contracts) to enforce agreements, facilitate trades and record transactions immutably on the Blockchain. Due to their distributed and transparent nature, blockchains can be used for carbon credit trading including aggregating smaller buyers for carbon offset projects or to act as a marketplace where credits are traded.

Folks We Work Closely With

Blockchain Worx
Block Armour
Barclays RISE
Microsoft for Startups
Singapore Fintech Association
Gnosis Safe
The Goal

Our targets?

We're only just getting started. But we plan to make a BIG difference in the fight agaianst climate change.


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